LWVHC Programs FY 2016 – 2017

The following Programs have been adopted by the LWVHC. If you are interested in joining one of these committees you would be warmly welcomed! Please contact the appropriate Chairperson and let them know you wish to serve.
1.     Social Policy, Health Care: Support the implementation of the federal Affordable Health Care Act including the expansion of Medicaid. (Health Care Committee: Dena Leavengood, Chair)
2.     Natural Resources: Support the proper implementation of the Water and Land Legacy Amendment. Support state legislation for energy conservation and greater use of renewable sources such as solar energy. Specifically, support the proposed Consumer Choice Constitutional Amendment and oppose the proposed Smart Solar Constitutional Amendment. (Natural Resources Committee: Dr. Rick Garrity, Chair)
3.     Government: Promote an open transparent government and support measures to protect, extend and encourage voting by promoting equal access to the ballot. Specifically, promote automatic restoration of voting rights for former felony offenders in the State of Florida. Specifically, advocate fair methods of financing political campaigns on the National level. (Voter Services Committee: Mickey Castor, Chair)
4.     Education: Promote adequate funding of public education with no use of public funding for the expansion of private education through a voucher program. Promote the extension of public school testing of student achievement to private schools, charter schools and others that receive state funding. Support the increased oversight of the development and implementation of charter schools contracts with regard to administrative fees, teacher salaries and benefits and instructional innovation. (Education Committee: Pat Hall, Chair)

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