Action Groups are a great way to work with new friends and make a difference in your community. If you are interested in joining a group please email the Action Groups chair.  Form attached


Study & Action Group: Mobilizes action and support for League issues. Reviews and distributes important emails/directives from LWVUS and LWVF to Board and membership as appropriate. Participates in sponsored causes and rallies, drafts letters to the editor on LWV priorities, and interacts with legislators. (Chair, Shirley Arcuri)

Membership Action Group: Expands LWVHC membership; greets and provides new members with League history and values. Reports membership statistics to LWVUS and LWVF and maintains membership database. Coordinates special events to include new member orientation and meetings. (Chair: Idelia Phillips)

Voter Services Action Group: Promotes open transparent government and measures to protect, extend and encourage voting through equal access to the ballot. Promotes the automatic restoration of voting rights for former State of Florida felony offenders. Advocates fair methods of financing political campaigns on the National level (Chair: Mickey Castor)

Education Action Group: Studies educational issues and takes action by lobbying elected officials and attending School Board meetings. Current Issue: An in depth study of the funding, testing and oversight of Charter Schools in Florida. (Chair: Pat Hall)

Hot Topics Action Group:  Develops public information events on issues of importance to local audiences. Recruits sponsors, partners and speakers, reserves venues, receives and tracks reservations, and publicizes events to members and the public. (Co-chairs: Jean Yglesisas and Kathleen Moore)

Gun Violence Prevention Action Group: Advocates for meaningful gun law reform for a safer Florida by representing the LWVHC and participating in the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence. (Chair: Elaine Simon)



Healthcare Action Group: Supports and advocates for affordable, accessible, quality health care and services for all;  the federal Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and expansion of Medicaid; and addressing the social determinants and environmental issues that impact public health (CoChairs: Dena Leavengood & Carolyn Westlake)

Natural Resources Action Group: Natural Resource

The Natural Resource Committee has been hard at work on the LWV rooftop solar cooperative initiative.  Florida has lagged behind most other states in rooftop solar and now is the time to correct that deficiency. Prices for solar panels are coming down and being part of a cooperatives will lower costs even further.
We are excited to announce our launch date with a media event for Monday September 25. The University of South Florida Clean Energy Research Center has approved using their facilities for the launch.  We are anticipating co-launching with the LWV Pinellas solar initiative.  In the meantime, please visit with us at the Hillsborough County Neighborhood Meeting on Saturday July 15 at the Tampa Sheraton East near Sable Park or at the Sierra Club sponsored solar film “Catching the Sun” and discussion on July 21 at Unity of Tampa Church.  Also look for Hillsborough County to be taking up an agenda item to support the LWV Rooftop Solar Initiative in the near future.
For more information on our exciting project just contact me at
Rick Garrity
Chair, Hillsborough LWV Natural Resource Committee
(Chair: Rick Garrity)

C0mmunication / Public Relations:

Chair: Leslie Hatfield)

Outreach Action Group: Compiles, maintains and delivers media to distribution lists through LWVHC website. Responds to recorded phone messages and website “Contact Us” emails and routes to appropriate individuals for action. Reviews website for corrections, additions, or deletions and provides assistance as requested by chair. (Chair: John Teti)


OPEN [email protected]

  • Prepare and manage distribution of press releases
  • Publicize League events
  • Prepare event flyers

Speakers Bureau Action Group: Studies prepared topics and resources from the National and State Leagues, establishes procedures for speaking requests, publicizes availability of the Speakers Bureau, and solicits speaking engagements. (Chair: Pamela Jo Hatley)

Transportation Action Group:

(Chair: Liz Johnson)

East Pasco/New Tampa Unit:

Kass Pilczuk – [email protected]

  • Expand membership in the Eastern portion of Pasco County and the New Tampa area of Hillsborough County.
  • Provide LWVHC programs of geographical importance in the targeted area.
  • Implement a self-sustaining Unit of the League of Women Voters.

Juvenile Justice Action Group: Promotes more just practices and laws regarding juvenile crime.  Three main emphases are: civil citations instead of misdemeanor arrests, reduce trial as adults, and increase funding for indigent defense.  The local committee is formulating a plan and gathering information.  (Chair: Susan Greenbaum)


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